Help a Vet: Let’s Build Him House

June 10, 2011

Orlando-area builder Nathan Cross, owner of NWC Construction, has teamed up with Homes for our Troops to build a home for returning veteran Luis Puertas. And he needs our help.

Nathan is looking for labor and donations for surveys, engineering, site clearing, concrete, windows, roofing, and everything else in between.

Homes for our Troops is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 so anything you donate is tax deductible.  Nathan says he understands times are tough, but believes this is a chance to show the world why the building industry is the greatest industry in America.

“There is a reason people like you and I are all still in business, when many of our competitors are not,” Nathan wrote in a recent e-mail to his peers. “It’s because our community likes us, takes care of us, and is behind us. It is the community that keeps us going.”   

For more information, visit Homes for our Troops on Facebook.  You will find a special page for this house and Luis Puertas.  Or e-mail Nathan at

Thank you for your support.


May 25, 2011
Carol Roth has posted her top 140 inspiration stories about starting a business. Yeah, I was one of them!

128. Football and Freedom

Oddly enough, former Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Bill Cowher was my inspiration, and I am not even a Steelers fan. When I heard him announce in 2007 that he was moving on after 15 years, I had an epiphany: I realized I was about the same age as Cowher and I had been serving as a VP of Communications and Marketing for the same 15 years. I had always promised myself I would get back to writing one day, open my own small firm, and get off the corporate hamster wheel, which I did.

Hey Orlando – Nominate Your Healthy Business!

March 30, 2011

Got a healthy business, one that promotes exercise and healthy eating habits?

Then let the community know by nominating your business in Get Active Orlando’s second annual Healthy Workplace Awards, the local initiative developed to recognize and celebrate workplaces that encourage employees to make active lifestyle choices by providing a sustainable culture of health and well-being.

The award is open to all organizations regardless of business size or sector, and acknowledges local leaders for exceptional workplace practices.

Receiving a Healthy Workplace Award can give your organization the recognition it deserves for the value you place on creating a healthy work environment.

The deadline for applications is April 30. Apply now online at and stand and be recognized! For more information, call 407.245.7313, or e-mail

December 17, 2010

Happy Holidays from the Hestia Report! See how you can help pets in need this season.

Ghostly Sightings Expected at the Haunted Longwood Village Inn this Halloween Weekend

October 29, 2010

What’s Halloween without a few ghosts? Pretty boo-ring. That’s why the Southern Paranormal Research Society (SPRS) and the crew of the Travel Channel’s new

Longwood Village Inn
Longwood Village Inn 

Shadow Hunting  program are both coming to the Orlando area this weekend in hopes of meeting a few of the purported spirits living at the historic Longwood Village Inn.

The Inn, which opened as the Waltham Hotel in 1887, is one of the few 19th century buildings remaining in Florida today and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Today, the old hotel houses full service offices and executive suites managed on site by Investorlando Realty. 

“Tenants love it because it’s a beautiful, unique building and the ghosts and the ghostbusters – only come out at night,” quips Broker Lenny Layland, manager and part owner of the Inn.

Legend has it the Inn has been haunted since April 1923 when owner George Clark had a fatal accident in the rear of the hotel while hosting an ice cream social. Since that time, there have been numerous accounts of unexplained shadows and voices, doors opening and closing, cold spots and sightings of children.

The St. Marys, Georgia-based SPRS will be locked down on Saturday night, October 30 using a team with a combined 32 years of experience in hunting ghosts to try to prove their existence at the Inn.  Shadow Hunting, a new ghost adventure show on the Travel Channel, will investigate paranormal activity on Friday night, October 29.

 We’ll let you know what they find.

Share and share alike

October 22, 2010

Housing and condo prices may be back to pre-boom pricing, but that still does not mean everyone can afford to buy a decent place to live in a suitable location.

An idea for U.S. developers to consider lies about ten thousand miles away in Australia, where the concept of dual-key apartments is catching on, offering those who want or need to live in the more expensive inner cities, a way to swing it.

In the sample floorplan above from One Central Park in downtown Sydney, a second lockable and separate bedroom (highlighted in pink) usually has its own bathroom and an area with a stove, sink and refrigerator. The entire project will contain approximately 240 dual-key apartments varying in size from 85 to 100 square meters (914 to 1,076 square feet) priced at approximately $835,000 to $1.18 million U.S. dollars.

Those prices may be too high for many buyers, but developers believe more people will be able to buy if they can easily rent a self-contained section of the residence.

See, this is why mom taught us that sharing is important. And you thought it was all about your toys.

New oxygen tanks you can strap on like a knapsack

October 22, 2010

New technology in the development of supplemental oxygen therapy now allows respiratory sufferers the freedom of mobility without being tethered to a burdensome oxygen tank everywhere they go.

That’s fantastic news to the 12 million Americans – mostly seniors – who suffer from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

The answer lies in the development of new oxygen concentrators called LifeChoice that are extremely lightweight. These portable concentrators were released nationally in July, and Orlando, Fla., was one of the first markets where it was introduced.

One Orlando resident, in particular, is extremely grateful. Struggling to breathe for the past few years, Carl Brooks was put on oxygen therapy a year and a half ago. To many, “oxygen” is a homebound sentence because patients and/or caregivers must lug around heavy oxygen tanks. Many patients feel like prisoners in their own homes.

Brooks says the new concentrators, “go where I go.” He and his wife still enjoy travelling the country, and he is thankful that he no longer needs to take upwards of 15 cumbersome oxygen tanks with him when they leave home. Better yet, they can fly again because LifeChoice is FAA approved. And since patients can just strap the device on their back, Brooks is able to play golf again.

The portable oxygen concentrator is the brainchild of David Shockley, president of Inova Labs, who was inspired by watching his grandfather suffer from COPD for years. Respiratory disease is the fourth leading cause of death after cancer, stroke and heart disease.