Social Media Quagmire

January 27, 2009

It appears that of late, more boomers have decided to venture into Facebook, creating pages and profiles and posting pictures of their families and the parties they go to. All well and fine, but for those of us who want to use FB for professional networking — as a compliment to LinkedIn let’s say — we find ourselves in a quagmire.

What happens is people from your past start showing up asking to be your friend. The girl next door, that guy you really didn’t like anyway back in high school. Indeed, there are some you could do without, so you just “Ignore” them. But what about those past relations who you do not want to offend, or those current friends — and dare I say family — that want to be your friend. Your professional network site is now compromised.

The only way to avoid this quagmire is to have two Facebook pages — one for pleasure, and one for business. Which means you need two e-mail addresses and you have to direct folks to one or the other. And if you have casual friends mixed in with your professional ones, you are going to have to delete them. Harsh, but true.

Of course what about that guy/gal who is a colleague, but is also a friend who posts photos of you having too much of a good time at an event?

I’d get new friends.

Kevin Fritz, Fritz Communications