Peace on Earth

ImageTomorrow, if the world doesn’t come to end, I will celebrate yet another birthday.  It may be cliche, but what I will wish for when I blow out the candles is Peace on Earth.

There was a time when a puppy or G.I. Joe or even Glow-Globs were tops on my list, but those days are long gone.

The mindless killing of the children — and the adults charged with their care — in Newtown further magnifies that violence has become the backdrop for everyday life. This year alone,  there have been 16 mass shootings in the United States. Yes, 16, leaving 88 people dead.

Perhaps even more poignant, all of the children at Sandy Hook Elementary School — and for that matter, anyone born since 2001 — knows no other life than America at war.

I know there are no easy answers to the world’s strife. But at least for the next few days, may there be peace on earth and good will toward men.

Happy Holidays.

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