Racism in America Lives at Rutgers and Beyond

This is not a blog about Lebron James’ recent comments about whether racism had something to do with the way he was treated when he left Cleveland for Miami. Like Lebron said, there may have been some racism involved, whether people played that card consciously or not. Indeed, racism remains one of America’s disgusting little secrets. If it didn’t exist at all, people wouldn’t be so uncomfortable talking about it.

And this is not about racism based on color, it’s about being racist in general against other people that are different than you by way of intolerance, ignorance, discrimination, and bigotry. The Rutgers student who committed suicide by jumping off the George Washington Bridge did so after allegedly being secretly filmed by his idiot, closed-minded roommate who then outed him on the internet.

Sadly, there are too many other stories of young people who took their lives in similar situations. If you haven’t seen the video posted by Ellen DeGeneres today, watch it: http://www.facebook.com/#!/video/video.php?v=592846987806&ref=mf

What is wrong with people? Why must some humans feel the need to ruin others lives because they are different from them?

What a sad reflection on a society that is supposed to be advanced. Maybe as far as technology goes, we are;  but we are far from being an advanced culture when it comes to practicing tolerance and good will toward man.

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