The band YES put out an album back in the 70s title “Fragile,” and it was their best seller by far. As anyone who knows YES, the lyrics to many of their songs were cryptic at best. But they could rock.

The word fragile popped into my mind this morning after two disturbing incidences: the deaths of two people. Because one was the son of a friend who moved away 15 years ago, and the other my electrician, we did not “keep in touch” with either.

Regardless, it is disheartening to call someone , as I did this morning, to have some work done from my favorite long-time electrician Bill, only to be told  by his tearing up girlfriend, he had died three months ago. have you ever dreaded calling someone you haven’t talked to in a while and finding out they are dead? He was just in my house about 4 months ago and told me he had been sick. He was like part of the family when he came by. I work at home, and I really enjoyed Bill’s company. I’m going to miss him…

Fragile — that’s what life is.  Here today, gone tomorrow.

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