Pura Vida! Costa Rica and Selva Verde

Costa Rica is the epitome of what nature has to offer in this world. So many fascinating  plants, animals and insects makes you realize the vast importance of this whole green movement.

My wife and I were fortunate to recently spend some time in this peaceful Central American country, specifically at the Selva Verde, an eco-lodge located in the rainforest in northeastern Costa Rica. As the story goes, Giovanna Holbrook, a woman pioneer in the business of ecotourism, bought the land in 1982 to save it from deforestation and after the struggles of building the lodge and the road from the capital of San Jose so others could enjoy this ecosystem, it opened in 1985.Photo by Christi Lane
There is constant work being done on the 500 acres of the Reserve as they continously conserve, preserve, recycle, educate and meld nature with the human explorers
The lodge is part of the Certification of Sustainable Tourism, a program that sets a standard for lodges in key aspects of sustainability including environmental impact, community impact, and building environmental awareness. You can learn  more at
Pura Vida!


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