What Did you Wish for This Year?

In the day, the Sear’s Wish Book was all my sister, brothers, and I needed to make our list of things we thought Santa should bring us. Like most every other kids in the world, it was more of a receive holiday than a give one. 

As we grow older, we tend to discover the true meaning of the holiday; that is, getting much more satisfaction from what we give — whether that be a gift or our time — than from what we receive. There are plenty of ways to show that true spirit. The Second Harvest Food Bank or any food bank (see food story above) always needs food and volunteers. And many organizations are still accepting toys for children who may not otherwise find much under the tree this year.
 GI Joe
Nonetheless, if I were a kid today, I am sure my list would include some of the top selling toys of the season, according to Amazon and eBay.  Oddly enough, some of the things on those lists are the same toys we asked for when we were young: GI Joe, Barbie, and the Easy Bake Oven. Of course these days, I would also be looking for DJ Hero and the Roboni-i Programmable Gaming Robot under the tree for me. And my sister Sandy, adorably pictured above with me in the Picture of the Week, would no doubt want that Barbie to be the new Twilight Barbie.
Easy Bake OvenBut no matter what you end up giving and receiving this season, we want to wish you the happiest of holidays, and a wonderful new year!
My final wish — may there be peace on Earth.

One Response to What Did you Wish for This Year?

  1. fritzcomm says:

    And i want two mice with humps on their backs.

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