Commercial Consultants Biz Up; Renters Seek Longer Leases

The thing about a down economy, someone, somewhere always benefits. I know a commercial building consultant (CBC) in Orlando that is doing quite well right now because lenders are realizing due diligence on the properties they lent money for need to be evaluated once in a while. 

Here’s another spoil from the new economy.  The renter of yesteryear, the ones who would quibble, moan, and groan about signing anything more than a seven-month lease for a home, has done a complete three-sixty in their terms longevity. Bill Marsh, who operates a burgeoning property management division (another positive in this economy!) for Real Estate Professionals of Lake County in Mount Dora, Florida says many prospective tenants are now seeking two- and three-year leases as the economy’s uncertainties continue to influence consumer habits.  The good news is there are plenty of homes for everyone. Marsh and his partner Linda — who also happens to be his wife — have a current inventory of approximately 60 homes seeking tenants.

I like happy endings.

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